Helpful answers on questions about Forskolin

Are you struggling with your weight? Have you been out of your way searching for solutions to your health issues? Have you lost hope in every kind of weight loss method? Forskolin is the new way to get where you need to be. Manufactured just to help- you lost those extra kilos that have been driving you crazy, Forskolin is here to help. There have been many myths about this kind of treatment all over the internet. However, you can get a lot of benefits by giving it a go. I can provide a few answers to your numerous questions about Forskolin.

What is Forskolin?
Forskolin is a weight loss drug made from herbs. The Indian Coleus plant is the source of this great drug. The plant originating drug is very helpful in the treatment of certain diseases in the human body. The drug contains the power to raise the (cAMP) levels in the body leading proper response of hormones in the body.


What are the medical uses for Forskolin?
The drug has numerous uses. Weight loss being the latest discovery, Forskolin is still under investigation for further health benefits. It is being used for colon cancer inhibition. You can cut your weight while keeping your colon safe. Controlling the causes of Glaucoma is another use for Forskolin. The drug also helps reduce the intraocular pressure that builds up in the eyes. The drug has also helped reduce skin burns under UV light and reduce the urinary tract infections by enhancing the usefulness of antibiotics.

What are the side effects?
There are some reactions that could occur as a result of the continued use of Forskolin. Forskolin may also cause harm when inhaled wrongly. Though considered safe for most adults, the drug causes some reactions during its intake. Inhalation of the drug may be followed by irritation of the throat and coughing, tremor and restlessness. The drug is stinging to the eyes when applied. These are however temporary.

What are the safety precautions when taking this drug?
When taking this drug be sure that you are safe. It lowers blood pressure so if your blood pressure is low, avoid the drug. Make sure that you blood pressure is okay before taking these medication to avoid complications. With coleus, bleeding is increased. If you have a scheduled surgery, avoid having this drug as it may lead to a lot bleeding. You should quit the drugs at least two weeks before surgery. For those with heart problems coleus is not a safe choice as it may lead to complications due to the wrong interaction with the heart treatment drugs. If you have any heart-related problems, avoid coleus.

Does coleus affect pregnancy?
Coleus affects the growth of your child. When a woman is pregnant, coleus is out of bounds as it may even lead to a miscarriage. The drug may slow or stop the growth of the fetus that could have adverse consequences for the mother and the child. Experts recommend that pregnant women avoid using this drug for their safety and that of their baby.

What are other unsupported treatments for this drug?
The drug has been rumored to treat Erectile Dysfunction. A condition in men that affects their sexual function, this drug is said to cure the disease. While in use alongside other drugs, Forskolin improves the sexual function while injected at the base of the penis.
Insomnia, period pains, allergies, irritable bowel systems (IBS) and blood clots are also among the conditions said to be cured by the drug. There, however, lacks sufficient evidence to support this claims and research is still ongoing. The lack of enough evidence does not mean that coleus does not cure these conditions.

What is the recommended dosage of the drug?
When you need to use these drugs for treatment, it is best you get the correct prescription from a specialist. It will help you avoid overdosing and under-dosing or even wrong medication that may have the worst effects on you. Getting the right dosage will also ensure effectiveness.

Where can I get Forskolin?
You can get Forskolin in a pharmacy near you. If unavailable, you may order online on stores and order the dosage that suits you. Reading and understanding more about the drug will guide you on whether this drug suits you or not.


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